Why is clutch fluid leaking around the clutch pedal?

In vehicle’s with a manual transmission, brake fluid is also used with the clutch system. This allows for the building of hydraulic pressure, allowing the clutch to operate correctly. However, a problem in the transmission / gearbox system clutch master cylinder can cause brake fluid to leak.

When you press the clutch, a rod is pushed into the master cylinder. This pressurises the brake fluid, causing it to move into the slave cylinder where it operates your clutch and allows you to change gears. If the internal seals of the clutch master cylinder fail, you may notice brake fluid leaking from around your clutch pedal.


Causes of clutch fluid leaks from the clutch system:

Worn master cylinder seals – Your car’s clutch master cylinder has seals that prevent fluid from leaking out. These seals will degrade over time, which may eventually resulting in them leaking brake fluid from above and around the clutch pedal.

Brake fluid is a thin, slippery type fluid. If if leaks from the clutch master cylinder, down the clutch pedal and onto the clutch pedal rubber pad or metal surface it can make it very slippery for your foot to stay on the clutch pedal. This means that your foot could accidentally slip off the clutch pedal when in first gear of reverse, meaning you car could start moving unexpectedly causing accidents.

Leaking clutch hose – The clutch hose is a small hose that connects to your vehicle’s slave cylinder. Over time, the hose can tear, causing brake fluid to leak out.

Broken fluid reservoir – The reservoir is the part of the master cylinder where brake fluid is held. It is made of plastic, making it much less durable than metal and more likely to cause leaks.


Is replacing clutch (brake) fluid important?

Your clutch uses brake fluid to transmit hydraulic pressure to activate your clutch. Brake fluid adsorbs water from the air meaning that over time this water can corrode internal metal parts such as the inside of the clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder. 

We recommend that you replace your clutch fluid every two years. However, if you see clutch (brake) fluid leaking, you should closely monitor your clutch fluid levels, topping up immediately and then taking your vehicle into to your trusted local garage mechanics for repair. 


Clutch fluid leak repairs in Hamilton

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