What do ball joints do?

Ball joints are small steel balls coated in a lubricated metal housing. The ball joints are important components in your vehicle’s suspension system and need to be in good condition to pass a WOF.

The role of the ball joint(s) is to act as a pivot between the wheels and the vehicle’s suspension system. The ball joints allow the wheels to move according to how the steering wheel is turned. Most vehicles have upper and lower ball joints, usually located on the front wheels. However, there are many different ball joint configurations.

Over time, ball joints can wear out and become loose, which can lead to poor handling and increased risk of accidents. Signs of worn ball joints include uneven tire wear, a clunking noise when turning, and loose or shaky steering. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to have your ball joints inspected and, if necessary, replaced.


When to replace ball joints?

Ball joints should be periodically checked to ensure they are working correctly. This occurs at Warrant of Fitness (WoF) time. Most modern cars have sealed ball joints, with the grease intended to last the life of the joint. On older vehicles, the ball joints are not sealed and should be greased every time the oil and filter are changed.

The first sign of a bad ball joint is often a sudden burst sound caused by the ball joint coming loose. A ball joint should be replaced when it begins to creak or produce knocking noises while you are driving. Another common symptom is the wearing of the inside of your tyre.


Symptoms of ball joints needing replacement:

  • Uneven tire wear: Worn ball joints can cause uneven tire wear, which can lead to reduced tire life and poor handling.
  • Clunking noise when turning: As ball joints wear out, they may produce a clunking noise when turning, which is a clear indication that they need to be replaced.
  • Loose or shaky steering: Worn ball joints can cause loose or shaky steering, which can make it difficult to control the vehicle and increase the risk of accidents.
  • Vehicle pulling to one side: If your car pulls to one side when you’re driving, it may be caused by worn ball joints.
  • Suspension vibration: If you feel vibration coming from your car’s suspension when driving, it may be caused by worn ball joints.


How important is a ball joint replacement?

If a ball joint breaks when you are driving, it is possible that you could lose control of the vehicle. Therefore, we suggest that you get your ball joints replaced as soon as you notice the issue.


Failed WOF for ball joints?

Damaged ball joints or other suspension components can cause you to fail your Warrant of Fitness. If you have failed your WOF due to ball joints, we can perform all the necessary repairs to ensure that your vehicle is able to receive its WOF certification.

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Ball joint replacement in Hamilton

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