Electric shock

How to avoid electric shocks when exiting your vehicle

Do you receive a shock every time you exit your vehicle? These electric shocks are caused by you and your vehicle picking up opposite charges while you are driving.

Your choice of clothing can increase the likelihood of getting shocked, particularly if you wear shoes with rubber or plastic soles. This is because the static energy is unable to leave your body through these non-conductive materials. Materials like wool and cotton are also prone to a build-up of static electricity.

You can usually avoid shocks by being cautious when wearing  jandals, crocs, slides, or other rubber footwear. However, this can become cumbersome and annoying after a while. An anti-static strap makes constant contact with the ground and blocks the flow of static electricity through the vehicle.

Tips for avoiding an electric shock

  1. Touch a metal surface before getting out:
    • Before stepping out of your vehicle, touch a metal part of the car that is not painted. This action helps discharge any built-up static electricity on your body.
  2. Use a key or other metal object:
    • You can also use a key or another metal object to touch the car’s frame before stepping out. This helps to equalise the charge between you and the vehicle.
  3. Slide out of the vehicle:
    • Try to slide out of your vehicle rather than lifting your body out. This minimises the friction between your clothes and the seat, reducing the likelihood of static electricity buildup.
  4. Avoid dragging your feet:
    • Lift your feet when exiting the vehicle rather than dragging them on the ground. Dragging your feet can create friction, which contributes to static electricity.
  5. Choose appropriate footwear:
    • Wear shoes with anti-static soles or leather soles, as they are less likely to generate static electricity compared to rubber-soled shoes.

Anti-Static Straps

anti static strap installation

Are you sick of being shocked every time you exit your vehicle? We have a solution that will prevent you from ever getting a shock again!

An anti-static Strap is a special conductive strap with metal inserts. It is designed reduce this static build-up produced by your tyres while driving. An anti-static strap can be equipped to the back of your car, preventing a buildup of electricity from taking place while you are driving. The anti-static strap makes contact with the ground, discharging your vehicle of static energy.

With an anti-static strap equipped, you won’t be greeted with a frightening shock every time you touch your car.

Anti-Static Strap Installation

At Grimmer Motors, we can equip an anti-static strap to your vehicle. This will allow you to avoid nasty electric shocks in the future. Feel free to ask us about anti-static straps when you are receiving your next WoF, repair, or service. This is usually a simple, straightforward job which can be done alongside your next service, repair, or oil change for little additional labour. The anti-static straps we use are high quality and designed to withstand adverse weather and driving conditions. This means the strap should reliably stay attached to your car.

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