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Inside the exhausts of modern vehicles, a system exists that reduces harmful emissions. This results in a significantly reduced amount of pollution leaving your car. It also means that some of these gasses can be recirculated into the engine via the EGR system.

The air injection hose (or exhaust hose) is an important part of the emission control systems on most cars. As its name suggests, the hose introduces air into the exhaust. This helps to allow for the exhaust fumes to be converted into CO2.

The air injection hose is usually made out of plastic or rubber and is exposed to very high temperatures. This means that it is prone to wearing out over time. If the hose fails, you may notice problems relating to your exhaust emissions and engine running performance.

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Symptoms of a damaged air injection hose:

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be time to replace your air injection hoses:

  • Idling issues – One of the most common signs of a damaged air injection hose is weak idling. This happens because of tears or holes that form in the hose. Air rushes out, causing a reduction in engine power while your car is stationary. The car may struggle to retain engine power while it is idling, or it may stall completely.
  • Check engine light on – Your car’s engine warning light will activate if it detects air is leaking from the exhaust. This is due to a lack of air, which can lead to reduced engine performance.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency – When the air injection hose is damaged, your car may use more fuel than it normall would
  • Reduced engine performance – Due to air leaking through a damaged air injection hose, your engine will not have the right air/fuel ratio. As a result, acceleration may feel slow or sluggish.
  • Increased emissions – An exhaust with a faulty air injection hose will not be able to clean the fumes properly. This will result in darker, dirtier smoke coming from your exhaust. This may result in your car failing it’s Warrant of Fitness, as there are limits on how much emissions a car should produce on New Zealand roads.
  • Hissing noises while driving – A leaking air injection hose will produce a hissing noise when the engine is active.


New Air Injection Hose in Hamilton

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