Caring for your AC system will improve its performance and reduce the risk of it malfunctioning. Even if you don’t use your car’s air conditioning, regular maintenance will increase your vehicle’s resell value. Stay cold during the summer and warm in winter by following these tips:

Use your air conditioning regularly.

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Believe it or not, one of the best ways to keep your air conditioning system in good condition is by using it. Regular use will ensure that the pumps, hoses and valves in your air conditioning system will remain lubricated, stopping components from hardening.

We suggest that you let your air conditioning run for at least a few minutes every week, even in winter with the temperature turned up so that it stays more reliable for you in the long run.


Run your demister.


After using your AC for extended periods of time, you should run your car’s defroster / demister for a few minutes. This will dry out the evaporator core by forcing vapour upwards. A healthy evaporator core will improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.


Get your air conditioning system serviced.

We suggest that you get your air conditioning system serviced once every two years. Ideally, you should get the system serviced in spring to make sure your air conditioning system is still working correctly after a cold winter.

A trained mechanic will be able to examine the different parts of your AC system, letting you know if anything is in need of maintenance. Be sure to check that the service you are receiving includes an air conditioning check.


Consult your manual.

Every car is different. Your vehicle’s manual should have information about your air conditioning system’s different parts and how they operate.