When it comes to ensuring your vehicle is safe and roadworthy, maintaining the suspension system, and particularly the springs, is vital. Not only do well-maintained suspension springs improve the comfort of your ride, but they are also critical for passing the Warrant of Fitness (WOF), a regular vehicle inspection required in New Zealand. As experts in automotive care, Grimmer Motors brings you five essential tips for suspension spring servicing and replacement to help you sail through your next WOF.

1. Inspect Spring Condition Regularly

Check for Visible Damage and Wear

The first key service is a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s suspension springs. Trained technicians should check for signs of wear, corrosion, and damage such as cracks or sagging. This step is vital because healthy springs are crucial for maintaining proper vehicle handling, tire contact with the road, and overall ride comfort.
During the inspection, mechanics will examine both coil springs and leaf springs, depending on the vehicle type. They’ll also ensure that the springs are supporting the vehicle’s weight correctly and that there are no issues affecting the suspension system’s performance. This service is essential for your safety and is a significant factor in your car passing its WOF. Find out more here.

2. Spring Replacement Services

Revitalize Your Ride with New Springs

The second tip focuses on the replacement of faulty or worn-out springs. Over time, springs can lose their tension and may not perform effectively, which can lead to a rough ride and potential safety issues. Replacing old springs with new, high-quality components can restore your vehicle’s handling and maintain proper alignment, which is integral to passing the WOF.
Expert mechanics will recommend the best type of springs for your vehicle and driving needs, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. The replacement process involves removing the old springs and installing new ones, followed by a post-service test drive to confirm everything is functioning correctly. With fresh springs, you’ll enjoy a smoother ride and the peace of mind that your vehicle meets safety standards.

3. Shock Absorber Check and Replacement

Maximizing Comfort and Control

The third essential service is the inspection and possible replacement of shock absorbers, which work in tandem with your vehicle’s springs. Shock absorbers are critical for dampening the impact of road irregularities, providing stability, and ensuring that the tires remain in contact with the road.
During this service, technicians will look for signs of leaking fluids, worn mounts, and bushings, and test the shocks’ performance. If the shock absorbers are found to be ineffective, replacing them can significantly improve your vehicle’s ride quality and safety. This will not only help in passing the WOF but also enhance the overall driving experience.

4. Listen for Unusual Noises

Identify Suspension Noises Early On
Your car’s suspension system will often communicate its health audibly. Pay attention to any strange noises like clunks, squeaks, or rattles, particularly when driving over bumps or making turns. These sounds can be telltale signs of worn or broken springs that could jeopardize your WOF. Early detection can mean a simpler, more cost-effective repair and prevent more extensive damage to your vehicle’s suspension system.

5. Replace Springs in Pairs

Maintain Vehicle Balance and Performance
If you find that a suspension spring needs replacing, always do so in pairs. Whether it’s the front or rear set, matching pairs are essential for maintaining the vehicle’s equilibrium and stability. Replacing just one spring can lead to a lopsided ride and potentially cause other components to wear unevenly. For the sake of balance, performance, and WOF viability, pair up your spring replacements.


A well-maintained suspension system is key to your safety on the road, your comfort while driving, and your success in getting a WOF certificate. Regular checks, timely servicing, and quality parts are the pillars of proper suspension maintenance. When it’s time for your next WOF or if you suspect there may be an issue with your suspension springs, consider Grimmer Motors for your servicing needs. Here’s why Hamilton residents trust us:

Remember, the road to WOF success starts with attention to detail and ends with the peace of mind that comes from a vehicle in top condition.

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