When preparing your trailer for a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) in Hamilton, it’s vital to ensure that your leaf springs are in top condition. Leaf springs are a key component of a trailer’s suspension system, critical for managing heavy loads and maintaining stability. Appropriate maintenance and timely replacement can greatly affect your trailer’s performance and safety on the road. Below you’ll find four essential tips to consider for leaf spring replacement on your trailer.

1. Regular Inspection is Key

Spot Wear and Tear Early

To prevent issues during your WOF, regularly inspect the leaf springs on your trailer for signs of wear and tear. Look out for cracks, rust, or sagging, as these can be signs that the springs are weakening. Broken or missing leaves can severely affect your trailer’s stability, so it’s important to identify and rectify these problems promptly. Conduct these inspections well before your WOF due date to ensure you have ample time to undertake any necessary repairs or replacements. Discover more about regular trailer inspections.

2. Understand Load Capacity

Don’t Overload Your Trailer

Be mindful of your trailer’s load capacity to avoid overburdening the leaf springs. Exceeding this limit can cause expedited wear and may even result in spring failure, negatively impacting control and safety. For trailers that are routinely used to carry heavy loads, upgrading to heavy-duty leaf springs can provide improved support and longevity, aiding you in passing your WOF while enhancing the trailer’s durability and performance. Educate yourself on trailer load capacity.

3. Get Professional Installation

Quality and Expertise Matter

Leaf spring replacement on a trailer should typically be handled by a professional due to the complexities and safety risks involved. A highly trained mechanic, with the right tools and expertise, will ensure that the leaf springs are installed correctly and that the suspension is properly aligned — which is vital for safe and stable towing. A professional can also guide you toward the best leaf spring options based on your specific requirements and the type of trailer you own.

4. Pair Replacement with Other Suspension Work

A Comprehensive Approach

While you’re replacing the leaf springs, it’s also a good idea to inspect and perhaps service other suspension parts such as shock absorbers, bushings, and U-bolts. Addressing all these components at the same time can be efficient and economical, avoiding future issues. A comprehensive suspension system check enhances the trailer’s performance and safety and will contribute to a successful WOF inspection. Explore more about comprehensive suspension services.


Leaf springs are fundamental for the proper functionality of your trailer’s suspension system. Adequate care, including regular maintenance and professional replacement, is essential for ensuring your trailer passes its WOF inspection in Hamilton. Grimmer Motors offers expert advice and proficient services for leaf springs and trailer maintenance. Opt for Grimmer Motors to guarantee:

  • Thorough leaf spring inspections.
  • Guidance on respecting load capacity and trailer care.
  • Premium leaf spring installation by skilled technicians.
  • All-inclusive suspension evaluations and reparations.

For a safe and compliant towing experience, ensure your trailer’s leaf springs and entire suspension system are in excellent condition with the help of Grimmer Motors. Schedule your next service at Grimmer Motors for all your trailer maintenance needs.

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