Ensuring your vehicle meets the stringent standards of New Zealand’s Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is crucial for your safety and the safety of others on the road. The steering system, in particular, is integral to vehicle control and must function correctly to pass the WOF inspection. Grimmer Motors, with their extensive experience and expertise, can provide the necessary repairs and replacements to keep your steering in top shape. Here are three pivotal steering services you should consider for a successful Hamilton WOF.

1. Tie Rod End Replacement

Ensure Precise Steering and Alignment

Tie rod ends are pivotal in connecting the steering rack to the wheels, enabling the transfer of motion from your steering wheel to your car’s tires. When they wear down, you may experience a jittery steering wheel, misaligned wheels, and uneven tire wear—all of which can cause your vehicle to fail the WOF. Grimmer Motors provides expert tie rod end replacement, returning the precision to your steering and ensuring your vehicle sails through the WOF inspection.

2. Power Steering Fluid Flush

Maintain Smooth and Responsive Steering

The hydraulic fluid in your power steering system is essential for smooth vehicle handling. Over time, this fluid can accumulate contaminants, leading to increased steering effort, pump damage, and potential WOF failure. A power steering fluid flush at Grimmer Motors involves draining the old, contaminated fluid and refilling the system with clean fluid, maintaining the health of your power steering system and ensuring compliance with WOF standards.

3. Steering Rack and Pinion Replacement

The Heart of Your Steering System

The rack and pinion system is the core of your car’s steering mechanism. Signs that this component may need replacement include a loose steering wheel, clunking noises, or fluid leaks—all of which can lead to a WOF failure. Replacing a faulty rack and pinion is a task for professionals, and Grimmer Motors is equipped to handle this complex repair. A new steering rack will not only help you pass the WOF but also enhance your driving experience with renewed responsiveness.


Steering system integrity is not to be overlooked when aiming for a Hamilton WOF pass. With Grimmer Motors, you benefit from:

  • Comprehensive steering checks and repairs by experienced mechanics
  • Use of high-quality parts for lasting repairs
  • Assurance of meeting the Warrant of Fitness requirements
  • Enhanced safety and control of your vehicle

Choose Grimmer Motors for your steering repair needs, knowing that their skilled team is committed to ensuring your car remains roadworthy and safe. Visit Grimmer Motors today for all your vehicle service needs.

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