A malfunctioning speedometer can not only impair your driving ability by not displaying the correct speed but also lead to potential fines and failed Warrant of Fitness (WOF) inspections. At Grimmer Motors in Hamilton, we are committed to ensuring your vehicle’s instrumentation meets legal standards and keeps you safe on the road. We specialize in facilitating thorough repairs for any speedometer issues. Here are three vital speedometer services we provide for WOF approval.

1. Arranging Speedometer Unit Repairs

Resolving Erratic or Non-Functional Speedometers

If you’re facing issues with an erratic or non-functioning speedometer, it could be the sign of a deeper electrical problem within your vehicle’s dashboard unit. Grimmer Motors is equipped to organize professional repairs for your speedo unit, ensuring it accurately reflects your vehicle’s speed and keeps you within legal limits.

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2. Speed Sensor Replacement Services

Rectifying Faulty Speed Sensors

A vital component to your vehicle’s speedometer is the speed sensor. If your vehicle’s speed readings are unreliable, the problem may lie with a faulty speed sensor. At Grimmer Motors, we’re not just about diagnosing; we pride ourselves on resolving the issue by replacing malfunctioning speed sensors. This repair is a critical step to ensure your speedometer functions correctly and complies with WOF requirements.

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3. Speedometer Drive Gear Inspection

Checking the Mechanical Linkage

In older vehicles, a mechanical cable typically drives the speedometer. Over time, the drive gear can wear down or sustain damage, leading to inaccurate readings or complete speedometer failure. Grimmer Motors’ team will thoroughly inspect the mechanical components, such as the speedometer drive gear, for any signs of damage. If the gear needs replacement, they have the necessary parts and expertise to carry out the repair efficiently.


A fully operational speedometer is essential for your vehicle to pass the WOF and for safe navigation on the roads. Trust in Grimmer Motors’ hands-on approach and services for all your speedometer repair needs, including:

  • Organization of comprehensive speedo unit repairs
  • Direct replacement of defective speed sensors
  • Complete care for mechanical speedometer components

With Grimmer Motors, you’re guaranteed top-tier service, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind knowing your vehicle will meet both WOF standards and your daily driving requirements.

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