To make sure that your vehicle meets roadworthiness standards, a thorough review of various components is necessary, with particular attention to the inner tie rods. These critical parts are essential for maintaining accurate steering and optimizing tire longevity. In Hamilton, passing the Warrant of Fitness (WOF) inspection is improbable with compromised inner tie rods. Our skilled team, armed with the latest technology and a wealth of experience, is committed to upholding the safety and dependability of your vehicle by providing superior inner tie rod repair solutions.

1. Comprehensive Inner Tie Rod Inspection

Detecting Wear and Ensuring Safety

The cornerstone of maintaining inner tie rods begins with a thorough inspection. A qualified technician will carefully examine the inner tie rods for any indications of wear, specifically checking for any looseness or abnormal movement that might suggest degradation. An important aspect of this inspection is assessing the condition of the boots that safeguard the rods against contaminants; any sign of cracks or leaks is a red flag. Notably, compromised inner tie rods can lead to erratic steering and uneven tire wear, compromising both safety and vehicle performance. Read about Tie Rod End – Removal & Replacement. By conducting comprehensive inspections, technicians can help ensure that vehicles adhere to WOF standards and contribute to the safety of the roads.

2. Precision Wheel Alignment Assessment

Maximizing Vehicle Handling and Tire Life

Following the inspection and potential repair of inner tie rods, it becomes essential to assess the wheel alignment. Issues with inner tie rods can lead to misalignment, which in turn may cause less than optimal vehicle handling and accelerated tire wear. An accurate alignment check, integral to the WOF service, will determine if the vehicle’s wheels align with the manufacturer’s specifications. Keeping the alignment correct is crucial for optimal tire-to-road contact, which enhances safety and prolongs tire life.

3. Expert Inner Tie Rod Replacement

Restoring Steering Integrity and Comfort

When an inner tie rod is irreparable, replacing it is the necessary course of action. This procedure, while complex, is vital for restoring a dependable steering mechanism. It includes removing the damaged tie rod, installing a new one, and adjusting it to align with the vehicle’s specific requirements. The outcome is not merely a vehicle that meets the Warrant of Fitness standards, but also one that offers a smoother and more stable driving experience.


Inner tie rod integrity is a non-negotiable aspect of vehicle safety and performance, particularly when it comes to passing the WOF in Hamilton. Whether it’s through comprehensive inspections, precise alignment assessments or expert replacements, Grimmer Motors is dedicated to ensuring each vehicle’s steering system is in prime condition. By choosing Grimmer Motors for your inner tie rod repairs, you’re not only getting a service that meets the high standards of the Warrant of Fitness but also enhancing your driving experience with:

  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment
  • Expert mechanics with years of industry experience
  • A commitment to safety and customer satisfaction

Before you find yourself with steering woes or tire troubles, reach out to Grimmer Motors and steer clear of potential issues with their trusted inner tie rod repair services.

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