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Radiator/Coolant Leak Repair

Why is leaking coolant a serious problem? Coolant is a liquid stored in your vehicle’s coolant tank. When your car’s...


Clicking Sound when Driving – Inspection & Repair

What causes a clicking sound while you are driving? When you hear a clicking noise while you are driving, it...


Airbag Diagnostics & Repairs

How do the airbags work? Airbags are a safety feature that is now compulsory in vehicles. Since their introduction in the...


The Takata Airbag Recall – Is My Car Affected?

What is the Takata airbag recall? The NZ government has issued a compulsory recall that may affect up to 50,000...


Driveshaft Repairs

What is the driveshaft? A driveshaft is a long, cylinder-shaped shaft that is used for transmitting torque and rotational energy in...


Radiator Flush Service in Hamilton

What does the radiator do? Inside your car’s engine, coolant is used to keep the engine at an appropriate temperature...


Leaking Rocker Cover Gasket – Repair & Replacement

What is the rocker cover gasket? The rocker cover gasket (also known as the valve cover gasket) is an important...


Failed Warrant of Fitness (WOF) – Repair Services in Hamilton

Have you failed your Warrant of Fitness (WOF)? In New Zealand, all cars must legally show a valid Warrant of...


Tie Rod End – Removal & Replacement

What does the tie rod end do? The tie rod ends are important components in your vehicle’s steering and suspension...


Car Coil Springs – Repair & Replacement

What do the coil springs do? The coil springs (or suspension springs) are important suspension components in your vehicle. The...

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