Trailer WOFs

Why do Trailers need WoFs?

In order to legally use a trailer on New Zealand roads, the trailer must have an appropriate Warrant of Fitness certification. This ensures that the trailer’s lights, wheel bearings, tyres. tow bar couplings and reflectors are functioning properly, improving everyone’s safety.

If your like me it is often very easy to hookup your trailer and use it without thinking to check if it has a current WoF or registration.  Keep you, your family and others safe on the roads, plus avoid the risk of your trailer parts breaking down,  or you getting a fine, by ensure your trailer has a registration and WoF as soon as possible.


 Trailer WoF Inspections in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can provide efficient, honest WoF inspections for your trailer. This will allow for it to be road legal, saving you from any fines, breakdowns and safety risks. We offer WoF inspections for standard trailers and commercial trailers.


Standard Trailer WoF

Light trailer WOF

A standard trailer WoF covers most types of trailers found on New Zealand roads. A standard trailer is identified by its single axle. Common types of standard trailer include:

  • Light trailers
  • Small caged trailers
  • Boat trailers

Grimmer Motors offers reliable, honest WoF inspections for your standard trailer. This will allow for safe and legal trailer use all year round.



Commercial Trailer WoF

A commercial (or full) trailer has two axle sets, and is used for transporting heavier equipment such as bulk supplies and other vehicles. Grimmer Motors offers commercial trailer WoF inspections to allow for the legal and safe transportation of heavier equipment.



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