Attempted break-in on July 24th

On the 24th of July at 2:15 am, an intruder was recorded on our security cameras attempting to gain access to our Grimmer Motors shed. Fortunately, our monitored alarm was activated and that was enough to scare him away.

The intruder appears to be a European male, probably early to mid 20’s, clean shaven, of athletic build. He was wearing a white/grey camouflage hood, as well as gum boots that look like they where rolled down at the top, jeans and a sweat shirt with a logo on both sides. The rear of the sweat shirt appears to have an emblem (similar to the Harley Davidson wings emblem). If you have any information regarding this attempted burglary, we would greatly appreciate your help.

The Police are currently actively investigating this attempted theft

Grimmer Motors is happy to pay $100 cash to anyone who has any information that leads to his identification, location and successful prosecution of this thief. 

I believe as a community we should work actively together to help each other offset the growing crime rate in the Fairfield area, and would love any help we can get, plus we are more than happy to help others where we can.

Why is security so important to us?

We take the security of our workshop, customers and equipment very seriously. It is important to us that customers feel safe leaving their vehicles with us overnight. For this reason, we have installed multiple security lights, plus multiple security cameras inside and outside the building which run constantly and monitor the entire premises. We also have state of the art monitored alarms which will go off if a thief attempts to gain access to any part of the buildings including the offices, workshop or the car parking area.

Please feel free to contact us with any information by clicking the button below and sending us a message.




Thief Captured!

On the 22nd of June, a woman entered our workshop and stole some very expensive equipment. After the theft took place, we contacted the Police and have since successfully been able to prosecute the thief.

We believe that as a community, we should work actively together to reduce the growing crime rate in the Fairfield area. We would love any help we can get, plus we are more than happy to help others where we can.To all other businesses in Fairfield, we recommend that you keep an eye out for shady characters. As shown in the video, theft can occur even in broad daylight.

At Grimmer Motors, we take our security seriously. For this reason, we have equipped our workshop with 24-hour surveillance equipment. When you get your car serviced and repaired by us, you can be assured that it is safe and not at risk.