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    Vehicle Safety

    Car Parking Sensors – Replacement & Installation in Hamilton

    About parking sensors: Parking sensors are a helpful safety feature in many modern vehicles. A good set of parking sensors can...


    New Car Horn and Repairs in Hamilton | Grimmer Motors

    Why is the car horn important? If you’ve ever had to alert someone who is stopped at a green light,...


    Electronic Stability Control – Diagnostics & Repairs Hamilton

    What is electronic stability control? Electronic stability control (ESC) is a safety feature in modern vehicles that reduces the loss...

    Open car doors

    Anti-Static Strap – Avoid Electric Shocks when Exiting your Car

    Avoid Electric Shocks from your Car Do you receive a shock every time you exit your vehicle? These electric shocks...


    How to stay safe while working on your vehicle

    Performing DIY repairs and maintenance on your vehicle can save you a lot of money. However, it can be dangerous...