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New Car Stabiliser / Sway Bar Links in Hamilton

What are stabiliser bars and links? Car body roll occurs when high levels of force are placed on one side...


New Car Trailing Arm Bush in Hamilton

What are car trailing arm bushes? A trailing arm suspension system (sometimes referred to as a trailing link) aligns the...


New Trailer Leaf Springs Hamilton

What do trailer leaf springs do? Trailer leaf springs are an important, but often neglected part of the trailer’s suspension....


New Car Coil Springs Hamilton

What do coil springs do? Car coil springs (or car suspensions springs) are made with wide gap coils that compress...


New Car Suspension & Repair Hamilton

About the suspension system: Your car’s suspension system maximises the friction between your tyres and the road. This allows the...


Tie Rod End – Removal & Replacement

What does the tie rod end do? The tie rod ends are important components in your vehicle’s steering and suspension...


Car Coil Springs – Repair & Replacement

What do the coil springs do? The coil springs (or suspension springs) are important suspension components in your vehicle. The...


Suspension / Shock Absorber Bushing Repair

What is the purpose of the suspension bushing? Suspension bushings (also known as shock absorber bushings) are mounted on your...


Leaking Shock Absorber Repair / Replacement

What causes a shock absorber leak? In order to understand the causes of a shock absorber leak, it is important...


Sway Bar Bushing Repair / Replacement

What is the purpose of sway bar bushing? Located underneath your vehicle, the sway bar bushings are an important part...

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