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Car Service & Maintenance Near Me

Local car servicing specialists near me in Hamilton Is your car in need of a service? At Grimmer Motors, we...


Preventative Maintenance Car Service

What is preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance means regularly looking after your vehicle to avoid issues in the future. The advantages...


All vehicle Servicing Hamilton

Servicing for Japanese, Korean, European, Australian, American, and Chinese vehicles: At Grimmer Motors, we can provide high-quality servicing for your...


Car Services while Under Warranty

About warranty car services: Most new vehicles come with a 3-5 year warranty. This offers the buyer protection from any...


Vehicle Oil and Lube Services

What is a lubrication service? If your vehicle is producing squeaking noises while you drive or when you open your...

Tyre Service

Car Service Pricing

The importance of Car Servicing A service allows mechanics to examine your car and perform general maintenance services such as...


Automotive Repairs & Servicing in Hamilton

Why is automotive servicing important? Taking your vehicle for its routine service can be the difference between your car running...


Uber Prius Taxi Service and Repair

Looking after your Uber Hybrid vehicle If you drive with Uber, you will need to be able to count on...

Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement

What does the drive belt tensioner do? A drive belt is used to drive multiple parts of your car’s engine...

Front Windshield wipers/wiper jets

Repairs for Blocked / Damaged Wiper Jets

What do Wiper Jets do? If you have ever driven on a rainy day, you probably know what the windshield...

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