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    car window

    Power Window Motor Regulator replacements in Hamilton

      About Window Motor Regulators: Almost all cars have power or electric windows these days. These power windows are windows...

    Steering wheel and wiper blade switch

    Car Wiper Control Switch Hamilton

    What is the wiper blade control switch? A wiper blade switch is a control switch near your steering wheel that...

    Limp mode dash

    Limp Mode Repairs in Hamilton

    What is Limp Mode? These days, almost all of the many systems in your car a controlled by an engine...

    Stop Start System

    What is a Start Stop System?

    About start-stop systems? A start-stop or stop-start system in petrol or diesel powered engines is a system that automatically starts...

    What are Engine Car Computers or Engine Control Units?

    About Engine Car Computers: Engine car computers are a very important system in all modern day cars. Also known as...

    Steering wheel repairs Hamilton

    Steering Wheel Hard to Turn – Diagnostics & Repairs in Hamilton

    Why is your steering wheel hard to turn? When the steering wheel requires more force to turn, it is almost...

    Air bag clock spring in wheel

    Car Air Bag Clock Springs Hamilton

    What is an airbag clock spring? A clock spring is a wire wound in a spiral shape around a spool...

    Hybrid Batteries

    Hybrid Battery Management System Diagnostics in Hamilton

      About Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management System (HVBMS): On average Hybrid batteries like the Toyota Prius battery for example contain...


    Barometric Sensor – Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

    What does the barometric sensor do? Engines use a combination of air and fuel which is ignited by the spark...


    Oxygen Sensor Diagnostics and Replacements in Hamilton

      About Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors): Most everyday combustion engines work by exploding a combination of air and fuel. Oxygen...

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