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Exhaust Fume Odor in Car – Inspection & Repair in Hamilton

About exhaust fumes: Have you noticed a constant smell of exhaust gases inside your car? Leaking exhaust fumes can be...

Exhaust manifold gasket repair Hamilton

Exhaust Manifold Gasket Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

What is the exhaust manifold gasket? Connected to the engine cylinder head, the exhaust manifold is an important part of...


Diesel Car, Ute, Van Exhaust Repair Hamilton

About diesel exhausts: Diesel-powered cars, utes or vans use a different exhaust configuration to standard petrol vehicles. This is because...


Diesel Particulate Filter – DPF Warning Light Hamilton

What does the diesel particulate filter warning light mean? In diesel-powered cars, the diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is an important...


New Car Exhaust Hamilton

About car exhausts: As petrol burns in your car’s engine, exhaust fumes and gases are created. Your car’s exhaust system consists of...


Exhaust Light On Dash – Diagnostics & Repair in Hamilton

What does the exhaust light mean? In many vehicles, an exhaust light (or emissions light) is used to warn the...


Exhaust Manifold – Repairs & Replacement

What does the exhaust manifold do? The exhaust manifold is a metal exhaust component which varies in size and shape...


Catalytic Converter Repair & Replacement

What does the Catalytic Converter do? The catalytic converter is an exhaust component that reduces the emissions your engine produces....

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