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Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve – Repair & Replace Hamilton

What does the Positive Crankcase Ventilation PCV valve do? Inside a combustion engine, many tiny explosions take place in order...


New Car Engine Hamilton

About engine installation: The engine is the heart of your vehicle and provides it with the necessary power to drive. ...


New Oil Pan / Sump Gasket & Repairs in Hamilton

What is the oil pan / sump gasket? Located underneath your engine, the oil pan or sump is a metal container...


Engine Valve Grinding/Lapping

What is a valve grind? The valves in an engine have several functions. First, they must allow the intake of...


Leaking Rocker Cover Gasket – Repair & Replacement

What is the rocker cover gasket? The rocker cover gasket (also known as the valve cover gasket) is an important...


Engine Reconditioning in Hamilton

What is engine reconditioning? Your engine provides the power that your vehicle needs to drive, making it the most important...


Engine Mount Repair & Replacement

What do engine mounts do? Engines have many moving parts and can weigh hundreds of kilograms. The moving parts create...

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