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    EGR Carbon Problems Hamilton

    What is an EGR? EGR stands for exhaust gas re-circulation, it is an effective method to control Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)...

    Clean car engine

    Burning smell from engine Hamilton

    If there are strange burning smells coming from your engine, then it is a good indication that something is wrong...

    Causes of Rough Engine Idling

    Causes of Rough Engine Idling

    Rough idling means that your vehicle is vibrating, producing unhealthy noises or displaying an inconsistent RPM while it is stationary...

    Car Water Pump Replacement in Hamilton

    Car Water Pump Replacement in Hamilton

    What does a water pump do? Your engine needs a constant flow of coolant entering the engine to prevent overheating....

    Oxygen Sensor Replacement & Servicing

    Oxygen Sensor Replacement & Servicing

    Grimmer Motors offers oxygen sensor diagnostics, repair and replacement for your vehicle in Hamilton. What does the Oxygen Sensor do? Traditional...


    Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement & Cleaning

    What does the Mass Airflow Sensor do? The Mass Airflow Sensor (or MAF) monitors the amount of air entering your...

    Aggiunta olio motore

    Changing your Oil and Filter – Why is it Important?

    Replacing your oil is vital to keep your car healthy and extending the life of your engine. So why is...