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Clutch Thrust/Release Bearing – Repair & Replacement

What is the clutch thrust bearing? The clutch thrust bearing (also known as the release bearing or the throw-out bearing)...


Engine Flywheel – Repair & Replacement

What is the engine flywheel? The flywheel is a round, rotating component that gives rotational balance to the engine, smoothing...


Noisy Clutch – Inspection & Repair

About the clutch The clutch is what creates the connection between the engine and transmission in a manual vehicle. The...


Alternator Diodes Blown – Inspection & Repair

What is an alternator diode? The alternator is part of your vehicle’s charging system. Its purpose is to charge your...


Alternator Not charging Battery – Inspection & Repairs

Why is the alternator important? The alternator is the main component in your vehicle’s charging system. It converts mechanical energy...


Burning Smell in Vehicle – Inspection & Repair

What causes burning smells in your vehicle? Inside your car are many moving components that work together and create friction....


Vehicle Speedometer Not Working – Inspection & Repair

How does the speedometer work? A speedometer is a device that measures driveshaft activity to determine your vehicle’s speed. This...


Clutch Pressure Plate – Repair & Replacement

What does the clutch pressure plate do? The clutch pressure plate is an important part of your manual vehicle’s clutch...


What Oils and Filters are used in Services?

Why are quality oil/filters important? The primary purpose of oil is to lubricate engine components, reducing wear and allowing the...


Cruise Control Not Working – Inspection & Repair

How does cruise control work? Cruise control is a convenient feature that is present in many modern vehicles. It allows...

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