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Grimmer Motors Pricing Estimate Policy

Thank you for your request for a pricing estimate.

We try to do pricing estimates for all requests as quickly as possible. However, due to the time it takes to prepare estimates and large number of requests we get each day, we need to prioritize requests as follows:

  1. Highest Priority Free Estimates - are done first for existing customers or people who make a time with us to bring their vehicle into Grimmer Motors to show us what they would like done. Please request a time with us for the estimate in the message box below, or give us a call on 07 855 2037.
  2. Second Highest Priority Free Estimates - If you don't bring your vehicle in then the second highest priority group of people we provide estimates for are those who provide a contact phone number for us to call and discuss the estimate
  3. Third Highest Priority Free Estimates – For people who are “shopping around for the lowest pricing”, and
    don't bring their vehicle in for us to see, or provide a valid daytime contact phone number for the estimate.

Please see our list of prices before requesting a price estimate

Please note that if there is significant time required for a price estimate to be created due to it being a large job, hard to find parts or other complexities, we may not be able to carry out a free estimate immediately. We may need to discuss with you charging some labour cost to cover our time, but we would always ask you first to get your approval.

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