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      Online Booking Process (Below):

      To get started, please select from the following:

      Please open and fill out the following information to book your appointment.

      COVID-19 Health Declaration

      1. Symptoms

      Have you had any of the following?
      CoughShortness of breathSore throatFever (38ºC or higher)

      2. Recent travel or contact with someone with novel coronavirus

      Have you travelled to or from (excluding airport transit through) countries or areas of
      concern within 14 days before onset of illness?


      If Yes, please provide details

      Have you been in close contact or casual contact with a person with suspect, probable or confirmed
      infection of novel coronavirus in the 14 days before the onset of your symptoms?

      If Yes, please provide dates of contact

      I agree the person booking the car in is the same person who has filled out this Covid 19 health declaration


      Full Name

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      Booking Information

      Vehicle Registration Number*
      Please enter your vehicles registration plate.

      Vehicle Make/Model/Year*
      Please enter the Make, Model and Year of your vehicle.

      Contact Details
      Please enter the contact details of the person who we should contact and is authorised to make decisions and pay the bill for the vehicle
      First Name*

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      Please enter your home or business address of the person who we should contact and is authorised to make decisions and pay the bill for the vehicle
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      How did you find out about us?*
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      Who referred you?*
      First Name

      Last Name

      What type of work do you need to be done? (select one or more)*
      If unsure, select "General Repairs" and tell us more about the work you want to be done
      Warrant of FitnessWarrant of Fitness RecheckWarrant of Fitness RepairsGeneral RepairsDiagnosticsPre Purchase InspectionPremium ServiceStandard ServiceBasic ServiceHybrid electronic diagnostic test (includes road test and analysis) $199
      (for Service details please see Car Servicing)

      Some jobs require us to raise the car on the hoist, or clean areas down, or remove parts and covers, or perform other tasks to do an inspection before we can determine and advise you of what needs fixing and price estimate.
      For these jobs, we need to charge an inspection fee. Inspection fees are mainly based on time generally from 30 minutes to 1 hour, or $58 to $110 incl GST.
      If you proceed with the repair after the inspection then for larger jobs inspection fees can often be waived. If you don't proceed with the repair then inspection fees will be charged to you.

      Inspection Options*
      Would you like us to go ahead and replace small items such as bulbs for your WOF to allow the car to pass and to avoid you having to come back a second time?*

      Please tell us your spending limit before we need to contact you*

      Your custom value*

      I give my authorisation to proceed with the job if it is up to..*
      Note that if the job costs less than your choice, we'll charge the lesser amount.

      Your custom value*
      A scan to read the faults codes is valued at $65 incl GST. This will give us a printout of the vehicles self-diagnostics and is only a diagnostic starting point (not a repair solution).
      Another option you could consider is a Stage 1 diagnostic valued at $199 incl GST.
      This includes the "scan" and some time to try to diagnose/fix the fault. Many people like this option as if we can find and fix the fault during the stage 1 diagnostic (and there are no parts supplied) then $199 is all you would need to pay.
      If the stage 1 diagnostic shows there is a problem that will require additional parts and labour, then we will do an estimate for you and discuss the next steps.
      As an added bonus if we have pulled things apart to diagnose the issue, and you chose to go ahead with the repair while it is apart, then you will save the money on the disassembly labour.

      Diagnostic Options*
      Please tell us about the type of work you need done*

      If you have a WoF sheet detailing required repairs please either upload the files (gif, png, jpg, pdf, 10MB limit), email the files to office@grimmermotors.co.nz, or leave them on the passengers seat

      Have you or anyone else worked on this issue with your vehicle?*

      Please tell us who worked on your car*

      Please give details of work done*

      Who will be paying for this work?*

      Which insurance company will be paying?
      Payment Method when picking up vehicle?*
      Grimmer Motors has a strict payment on pick up policy. How will you pay?
      We don't accept cheques

      Contact Method when vehicle is ready?*
      How would you like us to contact you when your vehicle is ready to be picked up?

      Preferred Booking Date*

      Due to delays in sourcing parts during this time, it is ideal if you can leave your vehicle with us all day.

      Please drop the car off after 7:30am and pickup by 5:00pm while mechanics are at work.

      When you get the work done at Grimmer Motors, and leave your car from at least 8.30am to 2.30pm you get these FREE extras:
      (Uncheck any you don't desire)
      Basic Car WashVacuumTyre ShineDash Polish

      When will you be dropping your vehicle off?*

      Can you leave your car with us for longer than one day?

      What is the latest time you can pick it up?*

      Do you want a courtesy car?*

      I have a valid Full New Zealand Driver's License

      In order to confirm your courtesy car booking we first need to confirm your Drivers License details.

      Please either provide photos of BOTH SIDES of your Full Driver's License
      Email them to office@grimmermotors.co.nz

      Did you speak to anyone at Grimmer Motors?*

      Vaccine pass screenshot (Optional)
      See example of what's needed here

      Please take your time to read these Contactless Vehicle Repair instructions carefully, as they are designed to keep you and our mechanics safe.

      Dropping your car off (no physical contact process)

      During the hours of 8am to 5pm cars can be parked on our forecourt (has continuous cameras recording) and the keys dropped into the key drop box slot next to the front reception door. Outside of these hours people need to ring us to make a time for one of our mechanics to come down and move the vehicle into our parking area behind our locked gates (also has continuous cameras recording).

      When you drop your car off, please park under the canopy at Grimmer Motors. We would appreciate it if you could leave your car doors open for 1 minute to “let fresh air through”. It would also help if you could please wipe down all the common touch areas with an antibacterial cleaner that people would have touched in your car within 72 hours of dropping it off. For example, door handles, steering wheel, gear selector, light and indicator switch, power window buttons, and so on.

      Please turn off the heating and air conditioning system, so air is not blowing when the key is turned on

      Once done, please put a SINGLE CAR KEY WITH NO KEYRINGS or OTHER KEYS into the key drop box slot next to the front reception door, and contact us via phone or email to let us know you have dropped the car off. Ideally, you will have a spare car key with you for pickup when the car is finished, (so that we can lock your first car key in your car). You can then return to your home or work and we will contact you either about the repairs needed or when your car is ready.

      The Car Repairs (no physical contact process)

      We operate on a “No Surprises Policy” so once our mechanics have had their first look at the car, we will contact you with a pricing estimate or any variation to originally discussed pricing so that you can authorise the work.

      Please note that for health and safety we need to clean the car before and after we work on it for all common touch surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner.

      If your car requires parts that we don’t have in stock, then there could be longer than normal delays in getting parts, as many suppliers are either closed or are operating with minimal capacity. Please be patient with us, as any delays are out of our control.

      Once your car repairs, diagnostics, or servicing are completed, then we will email you the invoice for payment. All invoices must be paid before you can pick up the car.

      Payment methods (no physical contact process)

      We have three online payment methods for you to choose from Online Banking, Credit Card, and Genoapay.

      Due to Covid 19 health and safety issues we can only accept cash or have contactless use of the EFTPOS machine as a last resort. For example, if you truly have no other way to pay before picking your car up, then while you stand at least 2 meters back from the reception door, we can put the EFTPOS terminal and hand sanitizers in a tray outside the door, and then close the reception door. You can then use the EFTPOS machine as normal and then stand 2 meters back, while we retrieve it. The same contactless principle applies to cash.
      A deposit may be required to be paid online before we are able to start some jobs.

      Picking up your car (no physical contact process)

      Once your payment has cleared with us, you will be able to pick up your car.

      The best time to pick your car up is when one of the mechanics is working, so it is important that you are able to be contacted easily during the day. To keep you and our mechanics safe we will wipe down all surfaces our mechanics have touched (even with gloves on) with an antibacterial cleaner. We will also wipe down your key.

      If you come to pick up your car during the day while the mechanic(s) are at work, then please ring 07 855 2037 when you arrive, and stand well back (over 2 meters) from the reception door. A mechanic will then open the reception door and put the key on the ground for you to collect.

      If our mechanics have gone home due to no further work for the day, then either we can try to lock the key in the car (if you have told us you have a spare key) or one of our mechanics would have to drive back to work to give you the key which could incur a call-out fee cost.

      If we hide your key in the car it will be in a random location, and we will tell only you where it is. This means that when you come to pick up your car, you can use your spare key to unlock it, and remove your original key at some later stage from its hidden location. We have a method that prevents most modern car keys being active while they are locked in the car, meaning touching the door handle won't open the car door unless you bring your spare key. You must test your spare car key works before parking your car at Grimmer Motors.

      Do you have a spare car key (in case we need to lock your key in the car)?


      Accept Grimmer Motors Terms and Conditions*
      I understand that parts and services remain the property of Grimmer Motors 2015 Ltd until paid for in full, and interest, late payment and collection fees may be added to invoices.
      I understand I am liable for storage costs at $25 per day, 24 hours after I am informed that the car is ready to be uplifted if I do not return to uplift the vehicle or pay my account causing the vehicle is held on site.
      I understand that I/We give authority for Grimmer Motors 2015 Ltd to hold my personal information and authorise any person or company to provide Grimmer Motors with information to determine my whereabouts and my credit worthiness.
      By clicking "Submit" on this form you are agreeing for Grimmer Motors to send you Follow Up reminders for repair, maintenance or diagnostic items your vehicle requires, plus occasional newsletters and promotions via text or email.

      Your Electronic Signature

      Your signature to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions listed above,
      as well as having filled out the form truthfully and to the best of your ability.
      By typing your full name into the box below, you agree that this is your Electronic Signature,
      the same as if you were handwriting your signature

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