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How to clean mag wheels Hamilton

If you have factory or aftermarket mag wheels, it’s a good idea to give them a regular clean. It’s not...

New car wheel bearings Waikato NZ

When to Replace Wheel Bearings – Symptoms of Wheel Bearing Damage

About the wheel bearings: The wheel bearings are essential to the operation of your car’s wheel assembly. The wheel bearings...

Tyre repairs in Hamilton

Wheel Alignment Service in Hamilton

About wheel alignment: Wheel alignment allows for longer lasting tyres, proper tyre performance, improved fuel economy and improved handling of...


New Car Wheel Studs in Hamilton

What are car wheel studs? Car wheel studs are used to correctly and safely secure each wheel to your car....


New Trailer Mudflaps / Mudguards in Hamilton

What do trailer mudflaps do? The mudflaps (also known as splash guards or mudguards) are used to protect your trailer,...


New Car Mud Flaps / Guards in Hamilton

Why are car mudflaps important? The mudflaps (commonly referred to as mudguards, splash guards or tyre guards) are used to...


New Trailer Wheel Bearings in Hamilton

About trailer wheel bearings: Just like your car’s wheels, trailer wheels have bearings which help each wheel to spin with as...


New Car Wheel Bearings Hamilton

What do wheel bearings do? The contact surface between the wheel’s center (hub) and the axle is subject to large...


New Wheel Hub Assembly & Repairs Hamilton

What does the wheel hub assembly do? Located between the drive axle and brake drum/rotor on each wheel, the wheel...

Wheel bearing

Wheel Bearing Replacement

What is a wheel bearing? A wheel bearing is a part made up of metal balls surrounded by a metal...

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