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    New Engine Fuel Pressure Sensor & Diagnostics in Hamilton

    What does the engine fuel pressure sensor do? The fuel pressure sensor is an important part of the fuel system...


    Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Servicing in Hamitlon

    What is a hybrid service? Servicing a hybrid vehicle requires a slightly different approach to servicing traditional petrol and diesel...


    High engine RPM while driving- Inspection, Diagnostics & Repair

    What does RPM mean? RPM stands for revolutions per minute. In vehicles, it describes the number of times the crankshaft...


    Trailer Brake Repairs in Hamilton

    How do trailer brakes work? Just like cars, trailers have braking systems that require periodic servicing. Inside a trailer’s braking...

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Car Battery Charging & Testing in Hamilton The battery provides your vehicle with the necessary energy to start the engine...


    Preparing your Car for a Summer Road Trip

    New Zealanders love road trips. Whether we’re taking trips to the beach or travelling the country with friends, our cars...

    Reduced Air Coming Through Vents – Hamilton Inspection & Repair

    Reduced Air Coming Through Vents – Hamilton Inspection & Repair

    About car air vents: Functioning air vents are crucial to your vehicle’s ventilation / air conditioning (AC) system, particularly on...


    Vehicle Leak Repairs in Hamilton

    Is your Vehicle Leaking? Have you been noticing puddles forming under your vehicle? If so, your car may be leaking...


    Carburetor Repair & Tuning

    What is a Carburetor? Before fuel injectors became common in modern vehicles, carburetors were used to control the flow of...


    Catalytic Converter Repair & Replacement

    What does the Catalytic Converter do? The catalytic converter is an exhaust component that reduces the emissions your engine produces....

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