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    Hamilton Car servicing NZ

    Resetting Car Service / Oil Change Reminder Lights in Hamilton

    About car service / oil change reminder lights: Forgetting to change your car’s oil can cause serious engine damage to...

    New Car Alternator Pulley/Bearings in Hamilton

    What is the alternator pulley? Your car’s alternator is a crucial part of its charging system. It provides the battery,...

    Camshaft seal replacement Hamilton

    New Car Engine Camshaft Seals in Hamilton

    What are engine camshaft seals? Camshaft seals are used to seal the end of the engine’s camshaft between the top...

    New crankshaft harmonic balancer pulley in Hamilton

    New Car Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer in Hamilton

    What is the crankshaft harmonic balancer? Excessive vibrations can greatly affect the lifespan of your car engines crankshaft, resulting in...

    New Car Transmission Mounts & Repairs in Hamilton

    What are the cars transmission mounts? Your car’s transmission is the system that controls what gear your engine is in....

    Crankshaft seal replacement Hamilton NZ

    New Crankshaft Seals in Hamilton

    What is an engine crankshaft seal? The crankshaft is a vital part of your car’s engine. Its role is to...

    Car Heater Valve Hamilton

    New Car Heater Control Valve in Hamilton

    What is the car heater control valve? In car heaters, hot engine coolant flows through the heater core. A heater fan...

    Gas Cap Replacement Hamilton

    New Car Petrol Cap in Hamilton

    About the petrol cap: The petrol cap (also known as the gas cap or fuel cap) sits behind your car’s...

    New Car Fuel Gauge Sender Unit in Hamilton

    What is the fuel gauge sender unit? Located inside your car’s fuel tank, the fuel gauge sender unit is the measures...

    New EGR Solenoid & replacement Hamilton

    New Car EGR Control Solenoid in Hamilton

    What is the EGR Control Solenoid? The EGR control solenoid controls the flow of exhaust gases to the intake manifold. When the...

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