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    Cigarette Lighter Repairs Hamilton

    What is the Cigarette Lighter The cigarette lighter (now known as a Power Socket) is a very simple device that...


    Car Towing Hamilton

    Can I Tow My Car? Which cars are better suited to tow with a tow rope than others? The cars...


    Risks of Towing Hamilton

    Risks and Dangers of Towing Towing cars with a tow rope are dangerous and potentially damaging to the car being...

    Car Engine Running Too Rich Repairs in Hamilton

    Car Engine Running Too Rich Repairs in Hamilton

    What is a rich air/fuel ratio? Inside your car’s engine, air and fuel are mixed together. The mixture is then...

    Hybrid warning repairs and diagnostics in Hamlton

    Hybrid Car Warnings – Repairs in Hamilton

    What does the “Check Hybrid System” warning mean? The “Check Hybrid System” warning light is something you may encounter in...

    Empty car boot

    Car Boot Not Opening Hamilton

    Reasons for Car Boot, not Opening If your car boot does not open for either the key fob or manual...

    Car Engine Running Too Lean Repairs in Hamilton

    What is a lean fuel mixture? To understand what a lean fuel mixture is, it is best to understand the...

    Car vibrating Repairs Hamilton

    Car Vibrates While Braking – Common Causes & Repair in Hamilton

    Why is your car vibrating when the brakes are applied? Vibrations are a common reason for concern when it comes...


    Engine Backfire Repair Hamilton

    What is an Engine Backfire? Backfiring occurs when unburned fuel ignites outside of the internal combustion engine instead of inside a...


    Radio FM Band Expander Hamilton

    What is a Radio Band Expander? An FM band expander is a device used on Japanese car radios which allows...

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