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    Hybrid Cars


    Regenerative Braking System Prius Repairs Hamilton

    What is regenerative braking? Regenerative braking is a system used in electric and hybrid vehicles. When the driver applies the...

    Hybrid warning repairs and diagnostics in Hamlton

    Hybrid Car Warnings – Repairs in Hamilton

    What does the “Check Hybrid System” warning mean? The “Check Hybrid System” warning light is something you may encounter in...

    Symptoms of a Hybrid Battery Due for Replacement

    About high-voltage batteries: The high voltage (HV) battery pack is one of the most important components in a hybrid vehicle....

    Hybrid High Voltage Wiring – Repairs in Hamilton

    What is high-voltage wiring? In hybrid vehicles, the car is partially powered by a high-voltage battery. In order for the...

    Hybrid battery replacement Hamilton NZ

    High Voltage / Hybrid Battery – Repairs in Hamilton

    What causes hybrid battery fault codes and problems? In hybrid vehicles, a high voltage battery is a key part of...


    How to Correctly Jump Start a Hybrid

      About Jump Starting Hybrids:  Hybrids can be a challenge to jump start. Jump starting a car the wrong way...

    Stop Start System

    What is a Start Stop System?

    About start-stop systems? A start-stop or stop-start system in petrol or diesel powered engines is a system that automatically starts...

    Hybrid Batteries

    Hybrid Battery Management System Diagnostics in Hamilton

      About Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management System (HVBMS): On average Hybrid batteries like the Toyota Prius battery for example contain...


    Hybrid Battery Replacement in Hamilton

    Hamilton’s #1 Hybrid Repair Workshop Hybrid vehicles are great. They use significantly less petrol than traditional petrol vehicles, saving their...

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