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    Cooling System


    Radiator Overflow Tank Repair & Replacement Hamilton

    What does the radiator overflow tank do? The radiator overflow tank is an important component that prevents the overflow of...


    Car Oil Cooler – Repair & Repacement

    What is the oil cooler? The oil cooler is a smaller radiator found next to the engine cooling system radiator....


    Radiator/Coolant Leak Repair

    Why is leaking coolant a serious problem? Coolant is a liquid stored in your vehicle’s coolant tank. When your car’s...


    Radiator Flush Service in Hamilton

    What does the radiator do? Inside your car’s engine, coolant is used to keep the engine at an appropriate temperature...

    Replacement Thermostat

    Thermostat Repair and Replacement

    The thermostat is an important part of your vehicle’s cooling system. Its role is to control the flow of coolant...

    Car Water Pump Replacement in Hamilton

    What does a water pump do? Your engine needs a constant flow of coolant entering the engine to prevent overheating....

    Coolant Reservoir

    Coolant Flush

    Flushing your cooling system is important to the health of your radiator and other cooling system components. If your car...


    Checking your Cooling System

    The purpose of a cooling system is to stop a vehicle from overheating by maintaining a constant, correct temperature. It is...

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