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    New Car Battery Cables & Repair Hamilton

    Why are battery cables important? Battery cables form a connection between your car’s battery and the starter/alternator plus cars electrical...


    Battery Light On – Inspection, Diagnostics & Repair

    What does the battery light mean? Your car’s battery is responsible for starting your car and powering the radio, speakers,...

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Car Battery Charging & Testing in Hamilton The battery provides your vehicle with the necessary energy to start the engine...


    Need a New Car Battery in Hamilton?

    Advanced Car Battery Testing: At Grimmer Motors we use the very latest, advanced electronic testing tools to check the status...


    Portable Jump-Starters – Which ones are best and how to use them

    A portable jump-starter allows you to quickly and conveniently jump-start a dead car battery. Portable jump-starting kits are a safer,...


    How to CORRECTLY jump-start a car

    Jump starting a car can be an easy task if you know what you are doing. However, there are several...


    Does your Car Battery need Replacing?

    Your battery acts as a powerhouse to your vehicle, providing the necessary energy to get your engine running. When a...

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