Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacement & Servicing

Cambelt replacementWhy is Cambelt/Timing Belt Replacement Important?

A cambelt (or timing belt) is designed to drive your valve train assembly. It keeps your engine in time with other engine components, stopping the valves and pistons from colliding with each other. If the cambelt is not replaced at regular service intervals it could cause serious damage to your car’s engine.

Unfortunately, this can have a devastating effect on your car’s engine, causing many thousands of dollars of repair work, and in many cases, it is more cost effective to put a second-hand engine in.

When buying a second-hand vehicle, it is important to check when the cambelt was last changed. Changing your cambelt at least every 100,000 km ensures that your vehicle continues to drive smoothly and safely, potentially saving you a lot of money in repair work.

Common signs of a worn cambelt include:

  • Ticking noises coming from the car’s engine.
  • The vehicle has difficulty starting or doesn’t start at all.
  • The belt itself appears to be glazed from the underside or has small cracks.

Quick, Hassle-Free Cambelt Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, our talented mechanics can change your cambelt for you, saving you from a large repair bill. We also offer repairs on engines damaged by a broken cambelt. Additionally, you can trust us to inform you before any major repair work is performed on your car.

Contact our Hamilton office to book your cambelt replacement, or receive a free quote.

Conveniently located in Fairfield, Grimmer Motors have been providing quality service to Hamilton since the company was established in 1934. When you receive a cambelt/timing belt change or diagnosis through Grimmer Motors, you can trust our fully qualified mechanics to safely and correctly service your vehicle, advising you before further repair work is conducted.