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    At Grimmer Motors, we aim to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our business model.

    From correctly disposing of waste to checking vehicles for excess emissions, our aim is to provide our customers with an eco-friendly alternative to vehicle servicing, repairs, and maintenance.




    Car Battery Recycling

    Car batteries are filled with harmful, corrosive chemicals. These chemicals can cause damage to the environment when disposed of in a landfill. 

    Bring your old car battery into Grimmer Motors and we will happily recycle it for free. 

    For each battery you donate, a tree will be planted in Hamilton. All of the money we create through recycling these items will be donated to Trees for Survival, a charity that focuses on planting trees in New Zealand.


    Our aim is to have 1,000 trees planted by July 1, 2018.

    With your help, the number of trees for donation is 787.


    What We Do


    Fuel Efficiency Testing

    Our advanced diagnostic tools allow us to check vehicles for excess misfires and fuel consumption. As well as causing damage to your car’s exhaust system, misfires emit large amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere. 


    Recycling of Waste

    All of our batteries are sold to companies to be reused. 100% of the money we receive from this is then used for environmentally friendly purposes such as planting trees.

    All of our consumables are correctly recycled.


    Hybrid & Electric car servicing

    Hybrid and electric cars are the way of the future. At Grimmer Motors, we offer electronic testing, servicing, and repair work for hybrid and electric vehicles.


    Safe Cleaning solutions

    At Grimmer Motors, we use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for all of our tools and parts. 


    Power management

    We take steps to reduce our workshop’s power consumption, such as converting our fluorescent tube lights to LED lights. We have also installed heat pumps in place of conventional, power hungry fan heaters.


    Environmental Regulation Compliance

    At Grimmer Motors, we comply or exceed with all of the Motor Trade Association’s environmental rules and regulations.

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