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    Engine Reconditioning in Hamilton

    What is engine reconditioning? Your engine provides the power that your vehicle needs to drive, making it the most important...


    Car Engine Not Cranking or Starting – Inspection & Repair

    Why won’t your car start? Inside your car’s engine is a mixture of air and fuel, supplied to the engine...


    How Often Should I get my Car Serviced?

    What is the purpose of car servicing? A car service allows mechanics to perform a thorough examination of your car,...


    Battery Light On – Inspection, Diagnostics & Repair

    What does the battery light mean? Your car’s battery is responsible for starting your car and powering the radio, speakers,...


    Car Stuck in Park Gear- Inspection, Diagnostics & Repair

    Why is your car stuck in park gear? A car that is stuck in park mode can be frustrating to deal...


    Engine Running Loudly – Inspections, Diagnostics & Repairs

    Why is your engine louder than normal? It is normal for your engine to produce noise. However, a loud engine...


    Car Engine Oil Filters Hamilton

    What do engine oil filters do? Over time, contaminants can find their way into your engine’s oil. These contaminants can...


    Engine Oil – Everything you need to know

    What does oil do? Inside your car’s engine, there are parts that move against each other. If these parts are...


    Vehicle Lost Power – Diagnostics & Repair

    What causes a loss of engine power? If your vehicle is struggling to get up to speed, you are likely...


    High Idling Levels – Inspection & Repair

    About high idle levels: High idle levels (or rough idling) occurs when the engine is revving too fast when it...

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