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    Blocked Car Engine Air Filter – Replacement & Repair in Hamilton

    About the air filter: Inside your car’s petrol or diesel engine, a mixture of air and fuel is burnt. This...


    New Trailer Mudflaps / Mudguards in Hamilton

    What do trailer mudflaps do? The mudflaps (also known as splash guards or mudguards) are used to protect your trailer,...


    Diesel Car, Ute, Van Warrant of Fitness in Hamilton

    Warrant of Fitness (WOF) for diesel vehicles: Just like petrol vehicles, diesel-powered cars also need a Warrant of Fitness once...


    Diesel Particulate Filter – DPF Warning Light Hamilton

    What does the diesel particulate filter warning light mean? In diesel-powered cars, the diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is an important...


    Diesel Fuel Pump Repair, Cleaning, Testing, Replacement Hamilton

    About the diesel fuel pump: In diesel-powered cars, the diesel fuel pump (or diesel injection pump) is responsible for pressurising diesel...


    Diesel Car, Ute, Van Service / Oil Change Hamilton

    Why is servicing important to diesel vehicles? Diesel powered cars, utes or vans with diesel engines require routine servicing in...


    Diesel Car, Ute or Van Diagnostic Scans in Hamilton

    About electronic testing / diagnostic scanning: An electronic diagnostic scan tool test can be used to quickly diagnose problems in...


    High Car Fuel Consumption – Diagnosis & Repair in Hamilton

    About fuel consumption: Fuel consumption (or fuel economy / fuel efficiency) is a measurement that depicts how much fuel your...


    New Trailer Leaf Springs Hamilton

    What do trailer leaf springs do? Trailer leaf springs are an important, but often neglected part of the trailer’s suspension....


    New Car Sun Visors Hamilton

    About car sun visors: Sometimes, the sun can shine directly in your eyes while driving which can limit your view...

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