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    New Car Electric Power Seat Switch & Repair in Hamilton

    What do car electric power seat switches do? Car electric / power seat switches provide an easy, fully electronic method...


    New Car Brake Light Switch or Repair in Hamilton

    About the brake light switch: Brake (sometimes people spell break light switch) lights play an important role in your car’s...


    New Car Wheel Studs in Hamilton

    What are car wheel studs? Car wheel studs are used to correctly and safely secure each wheel to your car....


    New Car Trailing Arm Bush in Hamilton

    What are car trailing arm bushes? A trailing arm suspension system (sometimes referred to as a trailing link) aligns the...


    New Car Horn and Repairs in Hamilton | Grimmer Motors

    Why is the car horn important? If you’ve ever had to alert someone who is stopped at a green light,...


    New Car Reverse Lights & Repairs Hamilton

    About car reverse lights: When your car’s transmission is put into reverse, two bright car reverse lights will illuminate from...


    High Engine Oil Pressure Repairs in Hamilton

    What is high car engine oil pressure? Experiencing high oil pressure on a regular basis is a bad sign. Although...


    Car Throttle Body Cleaning & Repairs in Hamilton

    About the throttle body: The throttle body is an important part of your car’s air intake system. Inside the throttle...


    New Ignition Coil and Wiring Repair in Hamilton

    What does the car engine ignition coil do? Your car’s ignition system is responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture inside...


    Squeaking, Creaking, Noisy or Hard to Close Car Doors & Boot in Hamilton

    About car door / boot creaking lubrication services: Lubricating your car’s doors and boot allows for the hinges to operate smoothly....

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