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    Auto Repair Link Exchange Programme




    Increase Google Rank for your Auto Repair Business



    Suitable for mechanics, panelbeaters, car dealerships and all other automotive businesses.



    Why Share Backlinks with Us?

    • Our website is well-maintained, with over 250 blog posts.
    • We have a high Alexa rank, and high domain authority on Google. 
    • As well as an SEO boost, you can expect an increase in organic traffic from visitors clicking your website’s link.
    • We are interested in forming mutually beneficial relationships with the owners of other vehicle-related websites. This means that we will both be able to increase web traffic significantly over time. 

    (out of 644,000,000)

    Check Alexa Rank

    *Websites that say “not enough data” do not receive enough traffic to quality for Alexa pagerank.


    What is a good backlink?


    Google places heavier importance on high-quality backlink. High-quality backlinks have the following characteristics:

    • The links are from well maintained, spam-free websites.
    • The links are from websites with a similar subject matter – a mechanic would benefit the most from links on other car-related websites.
    • The link text contains relevant keywords (see picture).


    Boost your Google Rank in 3 Steps

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    Let us know once you have placed a link to our website on one of your pages. Remember, linking to other websites also improves Google ranking!


    Once we have verified that there is a link to our website on your website, we will permanently publish the changes to our site. This means that the link will remain live on our site forever!


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