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    Grimmer Motors Pricing Indication Policy

    At Grimmer Motors we believe you deserve the most accurate advice, diagnosis, parts ordering and pricing. Therefore we now offer a FREE 10 minute Pre Check of your car at Grimmer Motors, 998 Heaphy Terrace, Fairfield, Hamilton.

    To book a FREE ten minute Pre Check of your car, please fill in the form below with all your contact and vehicle details, and type your desired date and time in the “Your Message” box below. We can then call or email you back to confirm the best time.

    Some of your BENEFITS for coming in for the FREE 10 minute Pre Check are

    1. You get 10 minutes of our time for FREE for us to visually check your car and properly understand your issue.
    2. We can give you a more accurate pricing indication, rather than trying to guess at pricing without seeing the car or the issue.
    3. After discussing things with you face to face, we are more likely to understand the problem / your requirements and give you advice and a pricing indication for the actual problem, as the most expensive car repairs are the ones you don’t need!
    4. We can take photos of the car areas needed and store them in our database, so that you can be sure we get the right parts, first time.
    5. We can give you clear advice on the next steps necessary including, likely timing of getting parts, when the job can be done (booked in), plus accurate pricing indications.
    6. Explain our special offers, such as a FREE car wash and vacuum, tyre shine and dash polish, plus more!

    Book your FREE 10 minute Pre Check below NOW!


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    Phone: 07 855 2037

    Email: office@grimmermotors.co.nz

    Address: 998 Heaphy Terrace, Fairfield, Hamilton

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